Thursday, October 28, 2010

Werewolves: Here to stay or on the wane?

Welcome to our Shape Shifter Blog Tour. You are welcome to follow from site to site, or to pick and choose where you want to go from the list at the bottom of the page. However you do it, don't forget to leave a message. Many sites are giving away a copy of their book - just follow the hints on how to win. For a copy of my short story Unconventional Love you have to guess what color is the door of the Playroom. I'll pick one winner from all the guesses at the end of the tour.

There have been several opinion polls on the loops lately about what is hot and what's not. Been watching publisher pages about what they DON'T want to see in their in boxes and I keep seeing Werewolves. IMHO there will always be a market for werewolves. What with the popularity of the Underworld series and the recent Wolfman remake looks to me like werewolves are still hot. If you watch the new releases pages of the top five e-publishers you'll see at least one werewolf story coming out each month.

So, are werewolves really on the wane? I certainly hope they aren't as I have a series of ten books in the works and the first one The Were Chronicles - Were Lost coming out November 27th. Tell me what you think. I would love to hear who your favorite werewolf is from which author or movie. My favorite is the werewolves from Underworld. What's yours?

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stop the World I wanna get off!

Whew! A lot has happened in the past eighteen months since I last posted here. I'd rather just gloss over that period by saying the low points were; a mini breakdown, divorce and bankruptcy. The high points were; I made friends with my daughter (we are back on speaking terms). I am in a loving, nurturing relationship with a vey special man and I've become a published author. WOOT!!! Yeah I've been through a lot but no more or less then a lot of people I know.
So...I'm back... reving the engines on this blog to make sure it was still operating. I plan to blog more often since people seem to want to read what I have to say these days.